So why isn’t this all over the news? Had a group of Blacks murdered a white cop…

So wait… tf happened that all 3 of these drunk assholes killed a cop

well, apparently, the white woman was getting arrested by the officer - his name’s kevin jordan, by the way - and her boyfriend (bowman) saw she was getting arrested and shot k. jordan multiple times in the back.

here’s the article i read:

lord, I was thought they arrested her.

From their Facebook

There will be a candlelight vigil on Friday night starting at 8PM at the old walmart parking lot. Participants should start gathering around 7:30. The vigil is open to the public. Officer Jordan’s family will be in attendance.”

Just in case anyone wants to attend

Conservatives love to fling rhetoric about assaulting a police officer being a horrible, heinous crime. But a black police officer gets killed in a red state, in a place of business, during a previously nonviolent arrest? Silence.


Omg… My Spirit Hurts Bruh…



Hey here’s an idea

What if the reason Millenials are closer with their parents than previous generations isn’t because we’re helpless and immature

What if it’s because our parents had more access to information on family planning and early childhood education than any other generation that came before them?

And so more of us came from families that actually wanted us and knew how to raise us than any other generation of children in recent history?





My favorite part of going to the LACMA was the Latin American Exhibit. It was so amazing to see the art produced by my ancestors and Mexican people like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. But to see the caliber of work coming from Mexico that you never learn in public school is astonishing. I never knew until I went how exquisite and breathe taking the art work is. If you are Mexican@, Chican@ and Latin@ you should go to the LACMA in Los Angeles and see this exhibit!

Before you were born, your grandparents, mom, uncle and I went to the LACMA to see a special exhibit about the civilizations of Mexico and they sort of organized it with different eras being in different rooms and when you crossed from the final pre-Conquistador room into the post-Conquistador room you felt like you’d missed an entire building worth of things. It was like the Spanish almost completely snuffed out the earlier styles and imagery and… everything. It was really, really disturbing. And anger inducing.